O-ring, Pilot Seal Carrier; Husky S-200 | 40,000 & 55,000 PSI Rated; A-0275-153 Compatible
Carrier, Pilot Seal; Husky S-200 | 40,000 PSI Rated; 006067-1 Compatible

Seal, Rod; Husky S-200 | 40,000 & 55,000 PSI Rated; A-11216 Compatible

Rod Seal is compatible for use in Flow Husky S-200 40,000 & 55,000 PSI water blast pumps. Designed to work in place of Flow A-11216. Manufactured to exacting standards. Made in the USA.

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Manufacturer:     SKF

Product Features

  • Premium grade seal
  • American Made

This product is designed to be compatible with the following brands or products:

  • Flow® A-11216

Bingham Industries is the manufacturer of this product. Flow and Husky are registered trademarks of Flow International.
Bingham Industries has no affiliation with Flow and no endorsement is implied

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