The learning curve in the water blasting industry can be unforgiving. Pump manufacturers don’t always sell you exactly what you need or they can sell you too much equipment and eat in to your start-up budget. Training never seems to be based on real world scenarios and OEM recommended maintenance intervals don’t leave much profit for your bottom line.

Bingham Industries role as a third party manufacturer makes us a unique, valuable ally for your company. We build aftermarket parts for nearly every major brand worldwide. We have hundreds of customers in nearly every industry and all of our field consultants have over 15 years in industrial services, surface preparation or in-plant water blasting. We can provide your company with the information it needs to remain profitable and performance driven in an industry that becomes more competitive every day.

We are not affiliated with any pump manufacturer and can provide honest and reliable input on what you should and shouldn’t be doing to streamline your operation. We come to you – your equipment, your staff and your projects.


Simply put, we don’t side with any pump manufacturer. We have no manufacturing deals and we don’t sell any of these brands. We will tell you everything we know about your equipment – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Our goal is to protect you, our customer, and not the manufacturer of your equipment. We can help you honestly assess the best decisions for your equipment in terms of repairs, new purchases, upgrades and more.

The smallest components can make the biggest difference in your blasting operation. Bingham Industries can help you in correcting and improving your systems, returning them to maximum efficiency. Even basic items like hose fittings or manifold connections can cause unwanted pressure loss in a system. We will help you return your system to maximum efficiency quickly and affordably.

If you find yourself bidding or starting a large project and aren’t sure of the best way to attack the job, give us a call. We have not only seen and built equipment for nearly every type of project on earth, but we have former foreman, estimators and project managers on staff that can provide your company with our decades of valuable knowledge and experience to make sure you’re getting the job done right.

If your company is in the market for used equipment or perhaps you have a used pump you’d like to sell quickly, make your first call to Bingham Industries. Our customers own thousands of pumps and accessories and we can help you locate exactly what you’re looking for, be it pumps or accessories. If you’re looking to sell used equipment, let us help you set fair market value and locate a buyer. We can provide complete brokerage services from all purchases and sales if necessary


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